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HS Hex Grid Masks

Anarchy Models HS Hex Grid Masks First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review September 2015 Manufacturer Anarchy Models
Subject HS Hex Grid Masks Scale N/A
Kit Number HS-07 Media Flexible vinyl
Pros Reusable masks/templates Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (BP) £14.99

First Look

Anarchy Models produces an interesting range of paint masks which have a nice range of possibilities for the scale modeler. Their HS (high speed) line are cut from sheet vinyl and are really templates that are flexible and resuable. Their HD (high detail) line are also cut from vinyl, but these are adhesive masks which have limited reusability, just like similar paint masks from other companies. With the HS masks, they will lay down on a surface but not adhere to it so you won't get as sharp paint definition whereas the HD masks are as sharp as you can burnish the mask to the painted surface.

HS Hex Grid Masks

In this set, we have the HS masks for the Large and Medium sized grids. These are nice for ad-hoc field camouflage for science fiction and notional subjects and just require cleaning before their next use. The large hex grid is 10mm across whereas the medium hex grid is 6mm across. If you need finer sizes, Anarchy Models also has the HS masks for Small and Fine sized grids.

These paint masks/templates provide for some interesting possibilities for futuristic camouflage and will be seeing use on a future project.

My sincere thanks to Anarchy Models for this review sample!