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Me 262A-1/A-2

1 Man Army 1/32 Me 262A-1/A-2 Mask Set First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review July 2021 Manufacturer 1 Man Army
Subject Me 262A-1/A-2 Scale 1/32
Kit Number 32DET004 Media Yellow Tape
Pros Excellent instructions, good medium Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (USD) TBA

First Look

1 Man Army is a new company from Belgium that has created in interesting system of masks to replicate airframe stenciling, national markings, and some distinctive markings for a given subject. As you'd expect, these masks are cut from sheets of low-tack 'Kubuki' yellow tape sheets, but several things distinguish these masks from other brands. First, the masks appear to be dye-cut, but with a system that cuts with finer precision than I've seen before. Take a look:

Me 262A-1/A-2 Me 262A-1/A-2

Second, this set comes with a high-quality instruction booklet that provides placement instructions for the stencils:

Me 262A-1/A-2

And third, a 'standard' handbook on how to use these masks is included:

Me 262A-1/A-2 Me 262A-1/A-2

As with any new product line, you may find some contradictions in the instructions, for example, in the guide above, it says that masks can stay on the model for up to a week while their FAQS on the website say only two days.

I've used paint masks in the past and I've had mixed results, but once you get the technique right for using them, you'll find your paint schemes becoming more realistic, as you don't have silvered decals or markings that don't match the surrounding weathering as you have using decals.

Check their website for subject availability, and they currently only produce 1/32 scale subjects, though some of the subjects would be welcome in 1/24 as well. They plan to expand into 1/48 scale stencil mask sets starting next year. At present, only a few retailers have them in stock, but that list is growing so check their website for where to shop as well.

My sincere thanks to 1 Man Army for this review sample!