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Alclad II Gray Primer and Microfiller

Alclad II Gray Primer and Microfiller Paint First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review October 2006 Manufacturer Alclad II
Subject Gray Primer and Microfiller Product Number -
Pros Fills small surface imperfections to make metalizing easier Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) 4 oz $7.85

First Look

I remember when I first saw Alclad at the IPMS/USA National Convention in 1995, the revolution that this lacquer-based system caused to bare metal finish was astounding. The build-ups of the ERTL YB-35 with the different shades of metalizer on various panels made the model seem far more realistic than any other build-up I'd seen to that point. The best part about Alclad was that it could be touched, painted over, masked over, and the finish was resilient. The downside to Alclad was that it didn't seem to catch on and the company simply disappeard.

Alclad II Gray Primer and Microfiller Alclad II Gray Primer and Microfiller Alclad II Gray Primer and Microfiller

Then along comes Alclad II. The product line was saved by a fine gentleman from the UK who has since come over to the colonies to develop the product.

The one problem with metalizing a model is that the slightest flaw in the surface will stand out under a metalized finish. A number of specialty primers have hit the market to help with this problem, but one of my favorites is Alclad II Gray Primer. If you've seen Werner Floyd's video on Natural Metal Finishes, he highlights the fact that you can spray this stuff on and in literally minutes, you can start working the surfaces.

I had a recent project where I was building the Anigrand 1/72 Atlas missile, and these fine launch vehicles came in a variety of colors as long as they were polished bare metal. I decided to give the Alclad primer system a try. The gray primer is a fine filler that will settle into even the smallest scratches. If you apply the primer and buff out the surface, you can touch up any flaws, re-prime and resume buffing. This stuff dries so fast that there is little break in the action as the model will be dry before you can clean out the airbrush. Once I had a good coating of primer, I used the Gloss Black Base to provide the backdrop for the polished metalizer. You can see the gray around the base of the missile in the first photo. The results were great!

While you can use other products that you might be familiar with to prime your projects, the Alclad II Gray Primer and Microfiller is one of the easiest I've used to date! Give it a try!

My sincere thanks to Alclad II for these review samples!