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Hataka AS20 Late WW2 Soviet Air Force

Hataka Late WW2 Soviet Air Force Paint Set First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of First Look August 2015 Manufacturer Hataka
Subject Late WW2 Soviet Air Force Product Number AS20
Pros Ready for airbrush and paint brush right out of the bottle Cons See text
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $24.99

First Look

Hataka from Poland continues to release a rapidly expanding line of color-matched acrylic paints to fill the voids in color coverage for scale modelers. In this set, we have six new colors that replicate the camouflage colors used by the Soviet Air Force during the latter part of World War II.

Hataka AS20 Late WW2 Soviet Air Force

This set contains six 17ml bottles of paint with a set of colors which include:

  • A041 Night Black
  • A070 AMT-12 Dark Gray
  • A071 AMT-11 Blue-Gray
  • A072 AMT-7 Grayish-Blue
  • A073 AMT-4 Camouflage Green
  • A074 A-21m Light Grayish Brown

There are three factors to consider when chosing your paints: color accuracy, paint performance, and price. How do these colors look against the RLM color standards?

Color VVS Color Hataka

As previously tested, Hataka paints go on smoothly and without any problem and responds well to the homemade thinner which is similar to Tamiya acrylic thinner. The Hataka acrylics respond just as well with the Tamiya thinner and even using Windex to clean the airbrush.

My sincere thanks to Hataka Hobby for this review sample!