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USS Maryland BB 46

USS Maryland BB 46 CD Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review November 2007 Title USS Maryland BB 46
Publisher AA Military Research Published 2007
Format 224 hi-res photos on an interactive CD-ROM MSRP (USD) $32.00


USS Maryland BB 46
USS Maryland BB 46
USS Maryland BB 46

For those of you that believe that one photo is worth 1,000 words, here is a new photo CD with about 220,000 words in high resolution. These are high quality images that were taken at various periods during the operational career of the USS Maryland. Designated BB 46, the Maryland was laid down in 1917 and launched in 1921. The Maryland was the first US vessel armed with the 16 inch gun and served the US Navy in relative peace for the first 20 years of its career.

USS Maryland was docked along Battleship Row at Pearl Harbor on 7 Dec 1941. Though she was hit by two bombs and reported sunk by the Japanese, Maryland was able to transit stateside to Puget Sound for repairs, arriving on 30 Dec. USS Maryland was the first of the surviving Pearl Harbor battleships to enter the war and give back what she and her sisters had been subjected. Despite repeated kamikaze attacks, the 'Fighting Mary' survived the war and was decommissioned in 1947.

The CD provides a nice summary of the ship's history during each period or chapter on the CD-ROM. You can jump right into the year or era of interest to see how the ship was fitted and read about its operational exploits during that period. The photos are high resolution many over 3000 pixels wide.

This CD-ROM is menu-driven and displayed on your web browser to allow you to navigate through the informative pages and view the high-resolution content. If you're a naval historian and/or naval modeler, you'll find lots of material here that you won't see in such clear resolution in print.

This title is recommended!

This title is available directly from the publisher at AA Military Research.

My sincere thanks to AA Military Research for this review sample!