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How To Build Tamiya's Fairey Swordfish

How To Build Tamiya's Fairey Swordfish Book Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review March 2001 Title How To Build Tamiya's Fairey Swordfish
Author Geoff Coughlin Publisher ADH Publications
Published 2000 ISBN -
Format 50 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) Approx $15.00


I was wandering through some hobby shops in Bristol (England) and happened across this title on their bookshelf. Published by the same folks who produce Tamiya Model Magazine International, this is a monograph that beautifully covers the details and techniques to render the perfect Swordfish.

This title compliments the Squadron/Signal Swordfish in Action that we reviewed last month - where that title covers the development and operational history of the aircraft, this one is packed full of color photographs of a number of actual Swordfish examples revealing numerous useful details and color information.

Accompanying these photos of the actual Swordfish, the author describes how to represent key portions of the aircraft with color step-by-step photos of the Tamiya kits under construction.

The good news is that this is easily THE BEST aircraft modeler's 'how-to-build' publication I've seen to date. The bad news is that I haven't seen this title in the US, so you'll need to either press your local hobby retailer into locating a copy or order one from overseas.