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Firefly From The Cockpit

Firefly From The Cockpit Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review June 2012 Title Firefly From The Cockpit
Author J. G. S. (Joe) Norman Publisher Ad Hoc Publications
Published 2010 ISBN 978 0 946958 59 7
Format 136 pages, softbound MSRP (BP) £17.95


This vintage installment from AD HOC’s acclaimed “From the Cockpit” series offers exquisite homage to FAIREY’s classic Firefly.

The powerful, two-seat fighter entered Fleet Air Arm service relatively late in World War II – and reflected Britain’s outdated requirement for both pilot and navigator in naval fighters.  Iterations of the sturdy striker even saw service in Korea and other Cold War flashpoints until, incredibly, 1962!

Proficiently penned by the late J. G. S. (Joe) Norman, FIREFLY includes input from 16 other contributors.  Leavened with engaging anecdotes, contents course through design, development, and operations of Fairey’s rugged, reliable design.

Coverage concentrates on aircraft in British service – and lists squadrons, commission dates, and commanding officers.  Text also briefly notes Firefly use in Australian, Canadian, Dutch, Danish, Ethiopian, Indian, Swedish (civilian contractor), and Thai militaries.

Over 210 photos and 16 beautiful color artworks augment AD HOC’s outstanding effort.  Check-out the striking scheme on author Norman’s Firefly U.Mk.9.  You’ll love it!

Strongly recommended.

My sincere thanks to Ad Hoc Publications for this review sample!