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Miles Aircraft – The Wartime Years: The Appendices

Miles Aircraft – The Wartime Years: The Appendices Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review December 2013 Title Miles Aircraft – The Wartime Years: The Appendices
Author Peter Amos Publisher Air-Britain
Published 2013 ISBN 978-0851304304
Format 440 pages, softbound MSRP (BP) Not available separately


Only Air-Britain Historians – in typically matchless manner – would offer a 400-page addendum of appendices alone!

But they did.  And the subtitle of Miles Aircraft – The Wartime Years: The Appendices says it all: "Containing individual aircraft histories of 1939-1945 production of Magister, Master, Martinet, Monitor and Messenger I types together with additional activities and background information".

Try saying that in one breath!

Spanning 47 chunky, chapter-length appendices, Peter Amos' brilliantly comprehensive coverage wends and weaves through WWII Miles Aircraft history.  His visual feast sports hundreds of photos, construction numbers, registrations, and mouth-watering minutiae – all of matchless value to modelers and historians.  It's a delicious dessert of amazing enrichment.

Want serials of all South African Master Mk IIs in the Commonwealth's "Joint Air Training Plan"?  They're here.  How about full details of Master I production?  Those, too.  Or the Miles "Rammer" fighter concept?  Yep.  Heck, one appendix even covers the company's plans for underground bomb-proof workshops – complete with maps and schematics.

Now here's the catch: you have to buy the companion Miles Aircraft – The Wartime Years to get Amos' astonishing effort.  Air-Britain members like me can snag this cool compendium for £54.45.  Non-members pay more.  So check AIR-BRITAIN's site for details.

What a remarkable reference!  Like both companion volumes, Miles Aircraft – The Wartime Years: The Appendices is worth every penny, pence and Pfennig.  You don't need Putnam's Miles Aircraft Since 1925 anymore!

Roundly recommended!