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Messerschmitt Me 109 Part 3

Messerschmitt Me 109 Part 3 Book Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review 2000 Title Messerschmitt Me 109 Part 3
Author Robert Michulec Publisher AJ Press
Published 2000 ISBN 83-7237-110-5
Format 116 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $19.99


Many of you are no-doubt familiar with the many great aviation and armor references from AJ Press from Poland. We've reviewed a number of their previous titles and I am impressed with the depth and detail that their authors delve into with each monograph subject. The only reluctance I've seen from some of my modeling colleagues has been their concern over the utility of a book written in Polish with only photo captions available in English. Well folks, your concerns are over. Many of AJ Press' latest releases are completely in English, including this new title, Messerschmitt Me 109 Part 3.

While the first two parts evidently cover the history and development of the Me 109/Bf 109 family, Part 3 is focused on the color schemes, captured 109s and engineering details of the series. In the color section, there is an interesting discussion of the history and development of the various camouflage schemes used on the Me 109 through its operational life. The author also has an interesting discussion over interpreting colors from black and white photos with examples of a few aircraft that were shot in color and black and white during the war, providing an interesting perspective of how even the number of colors used in a camouflage scheme can be misinterpreted.

The section of captured aircraft features some interesting shots of RAF and Soviet 109s used in their threat evaluation programs and even a 109 with a hastily applied US flag on the fuselage to (hopefully) prevent some P-51 or Spitfire from splashing their recent acquisition.

The final section contains a wealth of detail photos, diagrams and excerpts from 109 maintenance manuals illustrating just about every aspect of the Me 109. This includes everything from the propeller spinner to the tailwheel. The title concludes with a section of pull-out skeletal drawings of selected models of the Me 109.

If you're the least bit interested in the Me 109 and need only one book to provide the wealth of modeling details, Part 3 is the title for you! I recommend this book to all!

My sincere thanks to Air Connection for this review sample!