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AK Interactive

New Orleans Class Book Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review October 2016 Title New Orleans Class
Author Multiple Publisher AK Interactive
Published 2016 ISBN N/A
Format 100 pages, softbound MSRP (Euro) 17,95€


AK Interactive has released the second of their 'Modelling Full Ahead' series which focus on modeling warships, each issue focusing on a specific class of ship. In this title, several authors come together to show you different techniques to model the New Orleans class cruiser. The projects covered are:

  • Trumpeter 1/700 USS San Francisco 1944 with the final setting in dry dock diorama
  • Trumpeter 1/350 USS San Francisco 1942 mounted to a display stand
  • Trumpeter 1/700 USS Quincy in a pierside diorama
  • Trumpeter 1/350 USS Tuscaloosa depicted underway in a simulated water base

Each of these four projects start from initial assembly with excellent photo coverage of the step-by-step processes used to build, modify, detail, correct, etc., the models. Each author/builder takes a different approach to their project so you will see some interesting ideas for adding or correcting details that you may not have previously considered and see the results before and after painting.

This wouldn't be a proper modeling reference from AK Interactive if each author didn't also walk you through the weathering process to depict their vessels exposure to the elements. Once again, each author takes a different approach to render similar results which will not only show you how to use the various weathering products used in these projects, but how different combinations of products render desired results.

Whether you're a novice to naval modeling or have a number of award winners on your shelf, this is a nice reference to add to your shelf that will show you some interesting techniques you may not have previously considered.

Definitely recommended!

My sincere thanks to AK Interactive for this review copy!