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Skyraider Photo CD Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review December 2009 Title Skyraider
Publisher Aero Research Published 2009
ISBN None Format 183 very high resolution JPEGs
MSRP (USD) $12.95



Aero Research has released their latest photo reference CD, this covering a very nice selection of A-1 Skyraiders. This title has 183 images in high resolution of a nice variety of US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Air Force, French, Swedish, and VNAF examples.

Once again I used my image browser to scan through the aircraft on the disc and only a few of the shots were of gate guards or mothballed aircraft. The vast majority are all operational aircraft with the most of these photos of the aircraft on the flight deck or in the air. The models covered in this release include:

  • AD-1
  • AD-2
  • AD-2Q
  • AD-3
  • AD-4
  • AD-4B
  • AD-4N
  • AD-4NA
  • AD-4NL
  • AD-4Q
  • AD-5/A-1E
  • AD-5N/A-1G
  • AD-5Q/EA-1F
  • AD-5W/EA-1E
  • AD-6/A-1H
  • AD-7/A-1J

For the modeler, you'll see lots of good details and color information for replicating these aircraft from the wide span of time from the post-WW2 overall dark blue to the Vietnam-era Gull Grey over White worn by USN combat aircraft, the Southeast Asia camouflage worn by USAF and VNAF aircraft, and the various other color schemes worn by test, training and international users of the Skyraider. What is also useful in these images is the weathering detail unique to these large radial-engined taildraggers which provide a key sign of life to the aircraft. If you don't see oil streaks on the centerline tank, your engine is out of oil!

According to the publisher, the next subject coming will be Worldwide Military No.1.

This is a nice selection of imagery that you won't find available in such clarity and size. This title is recommended!

You can purchase this reference or any of their other photo CDs directly from their website or via email

My sincere thanks to Aero Research for this review sample!