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Project Terminated

Project Terminated Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review March 2013 Title Project Terminated
Author Erik Simonsen Publisher Crecy
Published 2013 ISBN 9780859791731
Format 224 pages, hardbound MSRP (USD) $39.95


Whoa!  Does that crisp, clear shot really show an X-20 Dyna-Soar flying with F–104 chase planes?  And does another depict an operational B-70 forming with a TSR.2 and CF-105?

Nope.  They're just some of the gorgeous digital illustrations in Erik Simonsen's immensely entertaining PROJECT TERMINATED – available from SPECIALTY PRESS (item AD173)

And what a cool, counterfactual compendium it is.  After a stage-setting introduction, contents competently course through ten controversial Cold War cancellations – American, Canadian and British aircraft.

Subtitled "Famous Military Aircraft Cancellations of the Cold War and What Might Have Been", Crecy's lavishly illustrated effort competently courses through still-contentious schemes.

Among Simonsen's cast, US designs like the YB-49 flying wing, F-108 Rapier, FV-12 supersonic VTOL fighter and F-20 Tigershark clearly seize center stage.  The TSR.2 and CF-105 steal some spotlight.  And the Soviet Sukhoi T-4 even plays a cameo.  But only Rockwell's B-1 successfully completes production.

If a villain vexes this volume, it's Robert S. McNamara.  The former US Secretary of Defense and his Pentagon "whiz kids" scandalously skulk and slink through several "What If" heartbreaks.

At least 200 color images season this sumptuous study.  Sections showcase design and development notes, test results, political issues and program fates.  Simonsen's terrific tome also features useful annotations, sidebars, specifications, performance data, glossary and index.

I really enjoyed PROJECT TERMINATED.  Read it and weep – for "What Might Have Been"!

Rabidly recommended.

My sincere thanks to Specialty Press for this review sample!