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CultTVman's Ultimate Guide to Classic Sci Fi Movies

CultTVman's Ultimate Guide to Classic Sci Fi Movies Book Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review January 2006 Title CultTVman's Ultimate Guide to Classic Sci Fi Movies
Author Steve Iverson, Anthony Taylor Publisher CTVM Media
Published 2002 ISBN 097014551-9
Format 152 pages, Softbound MSRP (USD) $19.95


For those of us who are 1) modelers; 2) science fiction lovers; and 3) like to model science fiction subjects, there are a few unique resources online that specialize in this area of modeling. First is Steve Iverson's great CultTVman site that contains a wealth of information for modeling everything from HG Wells to Gene Rodenberry. One of my other favorites is John Lester's Starship Modeler.

So what happens when you combine the talents of Steve, John, and numerous other science fiction modelers? You get CultTVman's Ultimate Guide to Classic Sci Fi Movies!

This title covers a variety of subjects that have graced the silver screen at some point in the last 100 years. Each subject is covered by a look at the available kits and a discussion of the techniques used to achieve the build-up of that subject.

Coverage includes:

  • Sleight of Hand and Persistence of Vision
  • From the Silver Screen to the Planet Mongo
  • The Moon, My Destination
  • Expedition Mars!
  • Farewell to the Master
  • Retro Rockets Gallery I
  • The War Machines from the Red Planet
  • Captain, Builder, and Engineer
  • Taming the Tempest
  • Painting the Details
  • "I am Monitored to Respond to the Name ROBBY"
  • Retro Rockets Gallery II
  • Tempus Fugitive
  • Modeling in a Jugular Vein
  • To Fall To Earth on Fragile Wings
  • Rediscovery
  • The Lunar Models Discovery from "2001: A Space Odyssey"
  • Tripping the Night Fantastic
  • These are the Voyages...
  • History of the Motion Picture USS Enterprise
  • The Essential Workbench

This is an excellent reference for the beginning as well as well as the more experienced science fiction modeler. The discussions and experiences from these builders will save you time and help the final appearance of your next project.

This title is available from CultTVman's Online Store.