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F4U-1 Corsair Vol. 2

F4U-1 Corsair Vol. 2 Book Review

By Stephen Sutton

Date of Review April 2015 Title F4U-1 Corsair Vol. 2
Author Dana Bell Publisher Classic Warships Publishing
Published 2014 ISBN 978-0-9857149-9-4
Format 72 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $18.00


This is the newest release from the all new designed Classic Warships Publishing pictorial books.  Classic Warships has released the all new F4U-1 Corsair, Volume 2, the eighth book in the Aircraft Pictorial series, which follows the remarkable Birdcage Corsair book.  Volume two covers the "raised cabin" versions of the F4U-1: the so-called "-1A," the -1C, and the -1D.

Author Dana Bell spent two years researching this book, and his efforts have resulted in an entirely new technical history of the World War II Corsair.  This heavily illustrated book provides a wealth of details for the modeler and restorer, and a fresh new understanding for the armchair historian and enthusiast.  Contained are 113 photos and 20 drawings, most never before published.  Full production lists, including starting and ending serial numbers of major F4U revisions.  Included is the revised story of post-war Reserve markings, a new explanation of the fixed-wing, land-based Corsair.  Details of the British carbon monoxide extraction system, and the first details of the two different wingtips fitted to British Corsair: the short wingtips and the "short short" wingtips.  Closeups of the 20mm guns fitted to the F4U-1C.  Cockpit changes for the raised cabin installation.  Drawings and color call-outs for the Fleet Air Arm's camouflage. The story of the Corsair's many canopy and windscreen variations.  Detailed images of the engine installation, including details of the water-injection system.  Remarkable first published images of the FG-3.  And finally the background of the Corsair's return to carrier operations. 

Thanks goes out to Steve Wiper of for the review sample!