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F9F Cougar in Detail and Scale

F9F Cougar in Detail and Scale Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review February 2020 Title F9F Cougar in Detail and Scale
Author Bert Kinzey Publisher Detail & Scale
Published 2019 ISBN N/A
Format 102 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $19.95


Appearance of swift, sleek MiG-15s in Korean skies underscored the inherent obsolescence of conventionally designed US Navy F9F Panthers.

But Grumman’s existing G-93 project fortunately envisioned a quick, “low risk and low cost” Panther update with swept wings and horizontal stabilizers – hopefully speeding service introduction.

That’s the background to F9F Cougar In Detail & Scale – available in both digital and on-demand print versions from the publisher.

Detail & Scale first studied the comely Cougar in 1983. The title quickly went out-of-print. And over 30 years later, author-publisher Bert Kinzey revisits the tale in these multiple formats.

We received an on-demand print example. And fans of the pioneering series will rapidly recognize Detail & Scale’s familiar formula.

Contents capably commence with general background and design notes. Coverage subsequently segues to separate sections on key Cougar variants:

  • F9F-6 Prototypes
  • F9F-6 (F-9F)
  • F9F-6P (RF-9F)
  • F9F-7 (F-9H)
  • F9F-8 (F-9J)
  • F9F-8B (AF-9J)
  • F9F-8P (RF-9J)
  • F9F-8T (TF-9J)

Each recaps subtype development, characteristics, production, service, equipment, BuNos, and fate – among other factors.

Things then get personal with fascinating, firsthand pilot notes: “Flying The Cougar”. I, too, consider the F9F-8P nose “butt-ugly”. So talk about consequent commentary!

Hobbyists will love “Cougar Details” – inside and out – over the next 40 pages. And the typical Detail & Scale “Modelers Section” completes contents. The latter includes helpful corrections to Kitty Hawk’s 1:48 “Dash 8” kits.

Several dozen B&W and color photos, detail shots, tech-manual excerpts, and detail illustrations augment the account. You’ll find eye candy everywhere.

But what strange scale are those line drawings?


With thanks to Detail & Scale for the review copy.