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Boeing B-50 Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review February 2013 Title Boeing B-50
Author Geoffrey Hays Publisher Ginter Books
Published 2012 ISBN 9780984611492
Format 240 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $49.95


I just found the perfect reference for ACADEMY's 1:72 Superfortress kits.

The lavishly illustrated BOEING B-50 – number 215 in GINTER BOOKS' popular "Air Force Legends" series – sports 240 pages of incredibly in-depth information.

It's not your dad's B-29, either.  Bombers, tankers, trainers, weather birds and recon versions.  Inside and out.  From design and development through deployment and disposal, author Hays competently – and chronologically – chronicles the Superfortress in six sumptuous sections:

  • B-50A
  • B-50B, RB-50B, YB-50C, B/RB-54A & XB-55
  • B-50D & WB-50D
  • KB-50, KB-50J & KB-50K Tankers
  • B-50 Test & R&D Aircraft
  • TB-50A, TB-50D & TB-50H Trainers

Detail fanatics!  Grab your drool cups!  Over 700 photos and illustrations – many of the latter from USAF tech manuals – flavor this fulsome account.  Charts and diagrams further spice the study.  And concluding remarks offer helpful hints on accuratizing ACADEMY's offerings.  (Hint: some require ACADEMY's B-377 airliner.)

Crackerjack prizes abound.  Hays sows strategically placed color comments keyed to FS specs in text.  And coverage includes notes on the only B-50 lost to hostile action.  My inner "what-if" also appreciated addenda on Boeing's XB-54 and XB-55 proposals.

Irritants mar this otherwise outstanding effort.  Hays' copious compendium really required contents and indices for referencing.  And those page-wide paragraphs proved really irksome to read.  Multi-column formats work much better.

Gripes aside, get GINTER's splendid BOEING B-50.  It's the ultimate opus on this unsung Cold Warrior.

Strongly recommended.

With thanks to GINTER BOOKS!