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Sikorsky 53 S-43/JRS-1 Amphibian

Sikorsky 53 S-43/JRS-1 Amphibian Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review June 2016 Title Sikorsky 53 S-43/JRS-1 Amphibian
Author Douglas Siegfried, Steve Ginter Publisher Ginter Books
Published 2017 ISBN 978-0-9968258-5-6
Format 104 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $29.95


Cutting plastic on Special Hobby's 1:72-scale Sikorsky JRS-1? Tackling Eduard's recent re-release?

Number 103 in Steve Ginter's popular "Naval Fighters" series details the Sikorsky S-43/JRS-1 – and includes USAAC Y1OA-8/OA-8 and OA-11 amphibians.

Author Ginter kicks-off contents with S-43 development notes, chronicles international civil "Baby Clippers", and recaps the Hughes Aircraft Company upgrade.

Text next turns to US Navy and US Marine Corps service. That's followed by a superb section on S-43 details – cockpit, miscellaneous interior, power plant, hull, landing gear, empennage, struts, and wings. And US Army and postwar usage completes core coverage.

Seeking passenger compartment details? They're there. Target-towing equipment? Yep. Wheel well configurations? Those, too. Squadron service? Yowzer. Ginter musters mountains of minutiae. And modelers will go ga-ga.

His understandably anemic model section sports just one lonely injection-molded subject: the Sword/Special Hobby/Eduard boxings. Execuform's 1:72-scale vacuum-form also commands one page of coverage.

Building an early US Navy JRS-1? Don't forget to sand-off the external fuselage strengthening ribs.

What an excellent effort! In true "Naval Fighters" fashion, Ginter surveys design, development, production, service and fate of all 53 S-43s built. In short, you get whole, lavishly illustrated shebang – except, as usual, an index!

Robustly recommended!

With thanks to Ginter Books!