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'Able Mable': Martin AM-1/1Q Mauler

'Able Mable': Martin AM-1/1Q Mauler Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review August 2020 Title 'Able Mable': Martin AM-1/1Q Mauler
Author Bob Kowalski Publisher Ginter Books
Published 2020 ISBN 978-0-9993884-8-8
Format 156 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $37.95


Something’s amiss. It looks like a Douglas Skyraider. But it clearly isn’t.

It’s “Able Mable”, the Martin AM-1/1Q Mauler – Skyraider’s comparatively unsuccessful competitor. And now it enjoys full “Ginter” treatment in an eponymous, 156-page study in the publisher’s acclaimed “Naval Fighters” range.

Coverage kick-starts with AM-1 design and development. Author Bob Kowalski competently courses through Mauler’s problematic gestation – including a host of troubles and “inadequacies”.

Level of detail is excellent, inside and out. Ginter’s picture-packed production includes airframe, propulsion, cockpit, and undercarriage details.

Mauler mirrored Skyraider’s considerable load-carrying capabilities. And Kowalski also outlines AM-1 armament and external stores – cannon, bombs, torpedoes, rockets, mines, and drop tanks. Even smoke-generating tanks.

Contents next turn to deployment. And coverage summarizes, unit-by-unit, Mauler service – including pilot observations and anecdotes.

Fascinating facts also tincture text.

How, for instance, did Martin propose configuring the Mauler for Carrier-Onboard-Delivery duties? See page 15. And why did the US Navy ultimately choose the legendary Douglas Skyraider over Martin’s Mauler? Page 139 provides the surprising answer.

Ginter’s usual scale-model section wrap things up. But I wish coverage identified kit media. Are Ace Maulers, for instance, resin – or limited-run injection-molded?

Hundreds of B&W & color photos, detail shots, tech-manual excerpts, scale drawings, and unit badges augment the account. You’ll find eye candy everywhere.

Now find your way to this splendid study. Get “Able Mable”.

With thanks to Ginter Books!