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Douglas F4D-1/F-6A Skyray

Douglas F4D-1/F-6A Skyray Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review April 2022 Title Douglas F4D-1/F-6A Skyray
Author Nick Williams Publisher Ginter Books
Published 2022 ISBN 978-1-7349727-7-1
Format 256 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $59.95


“Ford” fans! Grab your drool cups!

Douglas F4D-1/F-6A Skyray by Nicholas M. Williams – Number 113 in Ginter Books’ vast “Naval Fighters” range – certainly supplants the publisher’s similarly titled, 1984 study by Williams and Steve Ginter himself.

Over 250 pages. More than 600 B&W photos and archival illustrations. Nearly 90 period color shots.

Williams surveys the spellbinding saga across 73 picture-packed sections.

Design. Development. Airframe. Powerplants. Armament. Cockpit. Landing gear. Operational units. Training formations. Test and evaluation squadrons. Even an air-launched satellite program.

You name it.

Metaphorically mountainous measures of minutiae dominate contents.

Seeking specifics on Skyray nose wheel yaw during catapult tests? Seek here – and really super-detail that flight-deck diorama.

How about those nose gear details themselves? Photos and tech-manual excerpts ride to rescue.

Humor, too.

Check out that sidesplitting missive – wholly redolent of the King’s English – VMF(AW)-115 Ford jocks dispatched to USAF Brig. Gen. [Avelin Paul?] Tacon of the “13th” [sic: 12th?] Air Force after Tacon flew “two hops” in an F4D-1.

Anecdotes, unit service notes, and a typical “Ginter” modeling section round-out coverage.

If your library sports just one book on Douglas’ distinctive delta, grab this lavishly illustrated effort.

Robustly recommended!

With thanks to Ginter Books!