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From Bats To Rangers

From Bats To Rangers Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review November 2017 Title From Bats To Rangers
Author Angelo Romano and AMHC (AW) John D. Herndon, USN, Ret Publisher Ginter Books
Published 2017 ISBN 978-0-9968258-9-4
Format 244 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $69.95


If you're planning a modern USN group build, grab this cool, colorful chronicle by Angelo Romano and John D. Herndon.

From Bats To Rangers – no 302 in Ginter Books' growing range of "US Navy Squadron Histories" – charts the story of Electronic Countermeasures Squadron Two, ECMRON-2 or VQ-2.

Coverage courses chronologically from the unit's World War II origins through Cold War service to "War On Terror" operations.

And what a lavishly illustrated compendium it is. Including covers, the 244-page effort includes hundreds of color and B&W photos of every aircraft the unit operated.

Privateers. Mercator. Neptunes. Skywarriors. Orions. EC-121s. And more. Much more.

Artwork, too. Dozens of color profiles, inset plates, unit badges, patches and nose art also season the survey.

Plenty of pretty pictures here. How about that sequence showing PR3 Sean Webb's P-3C "Black Jack" nose art?

Wow. What a stunning study. And highly recommended, too!

With thanks to Ginter Books!