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Smokin’ Tigers

Smokin’ Tigers Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review October 2022 Title Smokin’ Tigers
Author Michael Grove, Angelo Romano Publisher Ginter Books
Published 2022 ISBN 978-1-7349727-5-7
Format 124 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $49.95


Michael Grove and Angelo Romano methodically chronicle “Reconnaissance Attack Squadron ONE (RVAH-1)” in Smokin’ Tigers – no. 307 in Ginter Books’ lavishly illustrated “Squadron Histories” range.

After a “Brief History of the [U.S.] Navy’s Composite Squadrons in the Heavy Attack Role”, text charts the unit’s evolution from the launch of antecedent “Heavy Attack Squadron ONE” (VAH-1) in 1955 through the disestablishment of RVAH-1 in 1979.

The former claims distinction as the first USN jet-powered, nuclear-capable, carrier-borne squadron.

Two Cold War assets clearly command center stage in Ginter’s picture-packed production: the Douglas A3D-1 Skywarrior and North American R/A-5 Vigilante. But contemporaries like Lockheed’s P2V Neptune and Grumman’s F9F-6 Cougar also play supporting parts.

Authors season their survey with hundreds of color and B&W shots – most in shipboard settings. So if you’re seeking diorama ideas, look here.

How about, for instance, that precariously perched RA-5C on USS Enterprise’s catwalk after an April 1978 “mishap”?

Dozens of excellent color profiles with unit badge plates supplement photos. A chapter on A-5 Vigilante details will certainly satisfy AMS sufferers. And personnel notes, cruise commentary, tables, and extended, explanatory captions further support the study.

Robustly recommended!

With thanks to Ginter Books!