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Boeing Fortress Mk.I

Boeing Fortress Mk.I Book Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review March 2009 Title Boeing Fortress Mk.I
Author Phil H. Listemann Publisher Philedition
Published 2009 ISBN 978-295-32-5442-6
Format 40 pages, softbound MSRP (Euro) 13.50€


Here is another interesting monograph in the Allied Wings series from author and publisher Phil Listeman. In this title, the author provides a look at Boeing's early B-17 Flying Fortress in RAF service. The Fortress Mk.I, as these early B-17s were designated, were the first of the Boeing bombers to see combat as these were in use for daylight bombing in Europe as well as in North Africa for many months before Pearl Harbor.

This monograph provides an interesting look at the operations of these early Boeings and how their combat experience led to major changes in the design of the aircraft that would eventually become one of the mainstays of the USAAF daylight bombardment campaign over Germany.

The title is well-illustrated with period photos of the type, many of which have not been seen before. The images show the aircraft and crews of the Fortress Mk.I during its service with 90 Squadron over Europe and the Middle East, as well as its eventual service with 220 Sqn of Coastal Command. In addition to the photographs, the title also has great color profiles of the type, some of which depict the special antennas fitted to the Coastal Command Fortresses but edited out of period images by wartime censors.

As with all of the monographs in this series, this title is also complete with tables of aircraft in service, combat losses, timetables of operations, etc.


This monograph is to the point and clearly tied together by extensive research that has been collated by database views.

This title is highly recommended and I certainly hope to see many more in this format in the future!

My sincere thanks to Phil H. Listemann for the review sample.