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Supermarine Spitfire F.24

Supermarine Spitfire F.24 Book Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review April 2015 Title Supermarine Spitfire F.24
Author Phil Listemann Publisher Philedition
Published 2014 ISBN 978-2918590-35-4
Format 28 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $12.95


Phil Listemann is an author and publisher from southwestern France that specializes in interesting historical RAF monographs. In this title, the author has produced an interesting look at the Supermarine Spitfire F.24, the last production variant of the Spitfire powered by the Rolls Royce Griffon engine. The type entered service after the end of World War II and served in the transition years to jet-powered combat aircraft. Serving as a line aircraft in unstable regions around the world, the Spitfire F.24 would never have to see combat though its presence served as the deterrant from such conflict.

This title is provides a brief introduction of this final Spitfire variant and describes its service in the few squadrons equipped with the type. As with previous titles, the author lists the assignments and fates of each airframe along with a list of those pilots that were lost in training/operational flights.

Spitfire XII

The title is illustrated with three color profiles of representative aircraft from the squadrons, plus period photos of pilots and squadron aircraft. This monograph is to the point and clearly tied together by extensive research that has been collated by database views.

Check out this and other titles offered by this author on his RAF-in-Combat website.

My sincere thanks to Phil H. Listemann for the review sample.