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S-55/H19 Chickasaw and Westland Whirlwind

Sikorsky S-55/H19 Chickasaw and Westland Whirlwind Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review April 2016 Title Sikorsky S-55/H19 Chickasaw and Westland Whirlwind
Author Adrian M. Balch Publisher Guideline Publications
Published 2016 ISBN n/a
Format 60 pages, softbound MSRP (GBP) £16.50


Among the world’s pioneering helicopter designs, Sikorsky’s S-55 was the first rotary wing design outside of Nazi Germany with practical payload and passenger capacity.

With over 1,800 manufactured in four countries – the USA, UK, France and Japan – the classic copter initially saw combat in Korea – and served the militaries of at least 40 nations.

Warpaint’s monograph, number 106 in the perennially popular series, features dozens of color and B&W photographs, 1:72-scale drawings, tables, variant lists, extended captions, and specifications – all in 64 densely packed pages, including covers.

Coverage commences with design and development notes – followed by country-by-country service summaries. Each part recaps deliveries, deployment, colors and markings. A small section also covers civilian examples. And a final, five-page “in detail” spread offers S-55 and Westland Whirlwind close-up shots – inside and out.

Nine pages of Richard J. Caruana’s terrific color plates provide plenty of model project inspiration. And a final list recaps available kits, decals and accessories.

Building Italeri’s 1:72 kit? Get this handy handbook!


My sincere thanks to Guideline Publications for this review sample!