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DH.89 Dragon Rapide and Dominie

DH.89 Dragon Rapide and Dominie Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review March 2023 Title DH.89 Dragon Rapide and Dominie
Author Adrian M. Balch Publisher Guideline Publications
Published 2023 ISBN n/a
Format 44 pages, softbound MSRP (GBP) £17.00


De Havilland’s d.H.89 Dragon Rapide & Dominie – one of aviation’s oddly intriguing, but relentlessly appealing interbellum airliners – enjoys full “Warpaint” treatment in the 135th installment in the popular range.

And author Adrian Balch shoehorns the whole fascinating tale – d.H.89 transports, trainers, and bombers – into just 48 pithy, picture-packed pages.

Contents commence with design, development, production, and variant notes. Coverage then alphabetically segues to a country-by-country service summary – both civil and military. And three pages of “in detail” images also augment the account.

Building Heller’s classic 1:72-scale kit? How about Aeroclub’s 1:48 mixed-media rarity? Let this lavishly illustrated effort inspire your subject choice.

Over 70 color plates – profiles, plan views, and unit art – survey the stunning swath of Dragon Rapide and Dominie schemes. Well over 100 color and B&W shots further trace the vibrant, decades-long d.H.89 tale. And extended, explanatory captions accompany all.

But note that, if you’re building Spanish Nationalist 40-2 “Capitán Vela” – the only Dragon Rapide known to have served, amazingly, as a fighter [!] – the mottled, starboard-side camouflage treatment is distinctly different from the port-side pattern. Photos also suggest that the profile’s demarcation between dorsal and ventral colors on the port wheel pants is incorrect.

Nitpicks. This is a cool, colorful addition to the “Warpaint” series.


My sincere thanks to Guideline Publications for this review sample!