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Arab MiGs Volume 2

Arab MiGs Volume 2 - Supersonic Fighters: 1958–1967 Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review December 2011 Title Arab MiGs Volume 2 - Supersonic Fighters: 1958–1967 - MiGs and Sukhois in Service in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author Tom Cooper and David Nicolle Publisher Harpia Publishing, LLC
Published 2011 ISBN 978-0-9825539-6-1
Format 256 pages, softbound MSRP (Euro) 35.95€


If Middle East conflicts captivate you, get this brilliant book.

Tom Cooper and Dr. David Nicolle continue their definitive study of MiGs in Arab military service.  No other English-language work illumines this spellbinding subject in such dazzling detail.

Over 200 B&W and color photos with appendices, maps, bibliography, annotations, and index lace this absorbing account.  Modelers and markings enthusiasts will especially appreciate coauthor Cooper’s superb color profiles.

Coverage begins with “Addenda/Errata” to the first volume on MiG-15s and MiG-17s, moves to deliveries of supersonic warplanes after 1956’s Suez conflict, and ends just before 1967’s crucial Six Day War.

Dozens of fresh insights and firsthand reports pepper pages.  The authors’ accounts of Egypt’s inchoate aircraft industry and actual war readiness prove utterly enthralling.  Ditto for the amazing allegations behind Israel’s acquisition of an Iraqi MiG-21F-13 in 1966.

Not that coverage completely concentrates on titular “MiGs”: Cooper and Nicolle also spice their story with Hunters, Sukhois, Beagles, Badgers, and more!

With Arab MiGs (Volume 1), this landmark effort deserves place in every enthusiast’s library.  Buy, beg or borrow both terrific tomes.  Then lobby Harpia for Volume 3!