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The Chaco War, 1932-1935: Fighting in Green Hell

The Chaco War, 1932-1935: Fighting in Green Hell Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review December 2020 Title The Chaco War, 1932-1935: Fighting in Green Hell
Author Antonio Sapienza, José Luis Martínez Peláez Publisher Helion
Published 2020 ISBN 9781913118730
Format 72 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $29.95


With José Luis Martínez Peláez, Paraguayan historian Antonio Luis Sapienza surveys ground combat in The Chaco War, 1932-1935 – 20th in Helion’s superb “Latin America@War” series.

Subtitled “Fighting in Green Hell” and available in North America from Casemate, contents chronologically course from the earliest skirmishes through major engagements to Paraguayan triumph.

Authors infuse all into seven chapters across just 68 pages: personalities, equipment, formations, locations, dates, strategy, tactics, even diplomacy and naval support.

The lavishly illustrated study also sports over 200 period photos from Bolivian and Paraguayan sources. Maps graphically provide narrative context. And 18 color plates – nine vehicles and ships by David Bocquelet and four uniforms by Anderson Subtil – offer potent project potential.

Explanatory captions and selected references further supplement text. And ten appendices with remarks recap belligerent formations. But why no endnotes?

Many historians consider Paraguay’s and Bolivia’s clash over the Chaco Boreal Latin America’s first modern conflict. And this volume fully complements co-author Sapienza’s The Chaco Air War 1932-35 – fifth in Helion’s “Latin America@War” range. Get both for a competent, balanced introduction to the war.

Robustly recommended! 

With thanks to Casemate Publishing for the review copy!