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Alpha Jet

Alpha Jet Book Review

by Herve Brun

Date of Review February 2011 Title Alpha Jet
Author Jean-Pierre Tedesco Publisher Jean-Paul Gisserot
Published 1989 ISBN 2-87747-022-9
Format softbound MSRP (Euro) Out of Print


At present, this is one of the few books dedicated to all variants of the Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet. This small book was issued in France and is written in French only. Today it is difficult to find it, but sometimes, one appears at eBay.

This book was issued in 1989 and it is a summary of the Alpha Jet's life until mid 80s.

Mainly in black and white, this issue summarizes all the prototypes, the different programs as the US VTX program, the German SKF and DSFC programs. It depicts the thought development of the aircraft, mainly the Lancier and the Marine Alpha Jet. We know now that these developments were cancelled cause of financial lacks.

This book provides a good 1/72 drawing and a small walk around.