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345 BG Vol I

345 BG Vol I Book Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review February 2005 Title 345 BG Vol I
Author Andre R. Zbiegniewski Publisher Kagero
Published 2005 ISBN 83-89088-46-0
Format 88 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $19.95


Book Review

Kagero has been turning out some very interesting and well-researched monographs. This title takes a look at the combat operations of the 345th Bomb Group, the famous B-25 Mitchell outfit that conducted low-level bombing and straffing of Japanese installations, shipping and anything else worth eliminating. While the colorful aircraft in this group have been the subject of numerous decal sheets and special release kits, only a few serious historical books have looked into the valor of these crews in their close-up combat operations.

The author has compiled an interesting array of photos and covers many significant combat operations. The coverage includes:

  • Introduction
  • Port Moresby
  • The Two Shores of the Vitiaz Strait
  • Rabaul
  • Bloody Tuesday
  • Harsh Winter

In addition to the historical aspects of this title, presented in both Polish and English. There are a number of color profiles of the 345th's B-25 Mitchells.

The aviation historian and modeler alike will want to add this to their reference libraries - especially considering the VERY reasonable retail price!