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PZL.37 A-B Los

PZL.37 A-B Los Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review June 2019 Title PZL.37 A-B Los
Author Maciej Nosczak Publisher Kagero
Published 2018 ISBN 9788364596940
Format 32 pages, hardbound MSRP (USD) $24.95


Building IBG’s new 1:72 PZL.37 Los? How about Mirage Hobby’s 1:48-scale model? Or even Mikro’s ancient effort?

You need this TopDrawings “special edition”.

Number 60 in Kagero’s range, PZL.37 A-B Los – available in North America from Casemate – packs plenty into 32 pages plus pull-outs.

You get a capsule history, amazingly detailed drawings to 1:32-, 1:48- and 1:72-scales, and superb color plates for at least ten subjects:

  • PZL.37A, 72.5, 1939
  • PZL.37A, 72.11, 1939
  • PZL.37A, 72.12, 1939
  • PZL.37A, ex-72.12, Romania Air Force, 1941
  • PZL.37A, 72.11, 212th Bomber Flight, 1939
  • PZL.37B I, 72.???, 1939
  • PZL.37B I, 72.183, 16th Bomber Flight, 1939
  • PZL.37B II, 72.???, 1939
  • PZL.37B II, 72.175, 16th Bomber Flight, 1939
  • PZL.37B II, 72.225, XX Bomber Squadron, captured and repainted for appearance in the German film, Kampfgeschwader Lützow

Kagero’s drawings revealed some surprises. I didn’t realize, for instance, that exhausts on some PZL.37 cowlings faced inside, hiding flames during night missions. Were engines and cowlings simply swapped from one side to the other?

My biggest concern? Kagero’s color reproductions are so dark that dorsal camouflage almost hides panel line detail in both profile and plan views.

Kagero even includes a set of 1:72-scale canopy masks for IBG’s releases. But they’re loosely packed with the book. So be careful not to lose them – as I almost did.

Grab this ripping reference!

My sincere thanks to Casemate for this review sample!