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Les Bombardiers d'eau Canadair Scoopers

Les Bombardiers d'eau Canadair Scoopers Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review July 2012 Title Les Bombardiers d'eau Canadair Scoopers
Author Frédéric Marsaly and Samuel Prétat Publisher Editions Minimonde 76
Published 2012 ISBN N/A
Format 64 pages, softbound MSRP (Euro) 19.90€


This cool compendium chronicles Canadair’s CL-215, -215T, and Bombardier’s 415 flying boats – the only aircraft purpose-designed to fight wildfires.

And what a striking job Miniminde76 have done!  The bilingual French-English volume sports 140 hitherto unpublished color photos, several superbly informative 3-view and interior drawings, and – most impressively – 24 gorgeous color profiles.

Note Newfoundland and Labrador’s lovely livery.  Savor Saskatchewan’s sleek scheme.  And tarry at Thailand’s flashy package.  Only one B&W shot haunts this terrific tome!

But all is not glitz and glamour.  Frédéric Marsaly and Samuel Prétat add substance to their beautiful book with a complete history.  Background, design, development, production, and worldwide use – both civilian and military.  Contents competently cover the whole tantalizing tale.

And what a ripping read it is.  I happily and hungrily roamed back-to-front – and inside-out.  This amazing account utterly encourages sampling and savoring!

Building Heller’s 1:72-scale CL-215?  Seeking stunning shots of beautifully painted aircraft?  File this outstanding monograph under “must have”!

Rabidly recommended.

With thanks to Minimonde76 Publishing for the review copy!