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Postwar British Military Aircraft

Postwar British Military Aircraft Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review March 2013 Title Postwar British Military Aircraft
Author Tony Buttler Publisher Midland Publishing
Published 2012 ISBN 9781857803297
Format 128 pages, hardbound MSRP (GBP) £19.00


Prototype and experimental-aircraft expert Tony Buttler returns with a richly illustrated reference for Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm enthusiasts.

Postwar British Military Aircraft: A Colour Photographic Record From 1945-1970 from MIDLAND sumptuously studies Cold War RAF and FAA assets – often in gaudy guise.

And it isn't restricted to one-off types, either.  After an informative chapter on color photography, coverage courses – alphabetically – through three chapters on major British aircraft manufacturers.

Consider this cool, kaleidoscopic compendium both inspirational and practical.  Page after page of color photos really get those creative project juices flowing.  And many help accuratize your efforts.

Want to weather the undersides of your AIRFIX deHavilland Sea Vixen?  Check out that ventral view on page 32.  What shade was that pale blue H-P Victor prototype at SBAC in 1955?  Page 40 shows you.  Looking for a special Sea Hawk scheme?  Page 119 depicts an attractive mid-green in place of the standard dorsal grey.

I just wish some shots were larger or more detailed.  Others – like Javelin XH841 on page 95 – crave cropping.  And a few helicopters would have made rotary-wing enthusiasts happy.

But I nitpick.  Get Buttler's color-packed production.  And sample and savor his splendid study.

With thanks to Ian Allan for the review copy:

Ian Allan Publishing Ltd
Terminal House
TW17 8AS