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Saab 29 ‘Flygande Tunnan'

Saab 29 ‘Flygande Tunnan' Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review September 2017 Title Saab 29 ‘Flygande Tunnan'
Author Mikael Forslund Publisher Mushroom Model Publications
Published 2017 ISBN 9788365281340
Format 192 pages, hardbound MSRP (BP) $39.00


Building Hobby Boss' 1/48 Saab J 29? Tackling Heller's ancient, 1/72 effort? Grab this vital volume.

Saab 29 'Flygande Tunnan' distills the design, development, deployment and disposition of Western Europe's first operational swept-wing jet fighter. And what a terrific tome it is.

Available in North America from Casemate, MMP's capably concise chronicle charts every major Saab 29 production variant over 192 pages:

  • J 29A
  • J 29B
  • A 29B
  • S 29C
  • J 29E
  • J 29F

Partially financed "through a scholarship from Veteranklubben Saab/Sivert Wards minnesfond", the lavishly illustrated effort also details every Saab 29 unit in Swedish and Austrian service - including Sweden's "Air Target Squadron". Accompanying tables include serial numbers, delivery dates, units and codes, and comments on serving aircraft. And coverage recaps the type's only international combat deployment - during fighting in the newly independent Congo, 1961-1963.

Contents include the J 29D and paper "projects", too. And technical minutiae on the aircraft and weapons neatly wrap things up.

Fact-check the Heller and Matchbox kits with MMP's superb 1/72-scale plans. Motivate your modeling muse with Thierry Vallet's coruscating color profiles and inset art. And detail your Tunnan with dozens of drawings, close-up photos and tech-manual excerpts. Tons of pretty pictures here.

What a brilliant book. I loved every pithy page. And it carries my highest recommendation.

Now maybe MMP and author Forslund will offer a similarly stunning study on Saab's legendary Draken family!

With thanks to Casemate for the review copy.