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North American Aviation P-51D/K Mustang Rediscovered

North American Aviation P-51D/K Mustang Rediscovered Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review June 2021 Title North American Aviation P-51D/K Mustang Rediscovered
Author Robert Peczkowski Publisher Mushroom Model Publications
Published 2021 ISBN 9788366549081
Format 288 pages, softbound MSRP (GBP) £25.00


Seeking a handy handbook on legendary “bubble canopy” P-51s? Grab North American Aviation P-51D/K Mustang Rediscovered!

Third “Yellow Series” edition of MMP’s Mustang monographs, Robert Peczkowski’s revised, enlarged edition spans 288 lavishly illustrated pages.

Contents capably chronicle design, development, and deployment of D/K variants. Author Peczkowski helpfully recaps production, modified, and “special” versions – in international service, both wartime and post-war.

How about those highly modified, Vietnam-era Cavalier F-51Ds with six underwing weapons racks and wing-tip tanks?

Modelers will love this book. Color and B&W photos support the study. And technical-manual excerpts, drawings, close-up shots, and 1:48-scale plans deftly delineate details.

MMP’s excellent selection of color profiles – many with official color specs – offer plenty of project potential, as well.

But I wished coverage offered more on the astounding array of Latin American Mustang schemes. Just Google, for instance, “Dominican Republic Escuadron de Cazas Ramfis P-51s” for some of history’s most gaudy bubble-top ponies.

Enough carping! What a cool, colorful, convenient compendium. Add MMP’s P-51D/K Mustang Rediscovered to your reference library!

With thanks to MMP for the review copy.