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Battleships Nelson and Rodney

Battleships Nelson and Rodney Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review August 2020 Title Battleships Nelson and Rodney
Author Witold Koszela Publisher Mushroom Model Publications
Published 2020 ISBN 9788365958358
Format 119 pages, hardbound MSRP (USD) $42.00


MMP inaugurates its new “ShipShapes” series with a handy handbook on Britain’s most distinctive 20th-Century capital ships.

Battleships Nelson & Rodney by Witold Koszela recounts the history, design, armament, armor, aircraft facilities, and service of both innovative units over 119 illuminating pages.

To maximize armor protection and efficiency – and to meet treaty tonnage limits – the Nelson class grouped main 16” armament in three triple turrets forward of ship superstructures – the only Royal Navy battleships sporting that arrangement.

The lavishly illustrated effort includes period photographs, 1:550 general-arrangement plans charting the evolution of each vessel, and 1:200 and 1:100 detail views.

Drawings cover profile and plan perspectives. And nine color views plot camouflage evolution – prewar and WWII.


Since his subjects are British, Koszela should have included English measurements for armament and dimensions. And what are the names of those camouflage colors?

Extended captions and data tables support the study.


With thanks to Casemate Publishing for the review copy!