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T-34-85: Camouflage and Markings 1944-1945

T-34-85: Camouflage and Markings 1944-1945 Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review February 2018 Title T-34-85: Camouflage and Markings 1944-1945
Author Przemyslaw Skulski Publisher Mushroom Model Publications
Published 2016 ISBN 9788363678661
Format 112 pages, softbound MSRP (BP) $45.00


"All T-34 tanks are green with white numbers," Aunt Millie claims. "They're boring!"

Show Aunt Millie this book.

Available in North America from Casemate, MMP's T-34-85: Camouflage and Markings 1944-1945 showcases the legendary vehicle's warpaint in WWII's final phases.

Spanning 112 lavishly illustrated pages, author Przemyslaw Skulski kick-starts contents with introductory chapters on design & development and operational use. Coverage then turns especially meaty for modelers with camouflage and markings details for T-34-85s of six nations:

  • USSR
  • Poland
  • Czechoslovakia
  • Nazi Germany
  • Finland
  • Yugoslavia

Sections sport service overviews, photos, color comments, and, where applicable, unit notes. Beautiful color profiles by Thierry Vallet will certainly whet your project appetite. And Soviet coverage includes a spread of tactical markings.

Confused by wartime T-34-85 variant nuances? Contents conclude with handy "version details" from three different factories.

This aircraft modeler thoroughly enjoyed Skulski's slim survey. And Vallet's artwork prompted a search of his model stash for suitable T-34 kits. Even Aunt Millie liked it!


With thanks to Casemate for the review copy.