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The Art of Lego Scale Modeling

The Art of Lego Scale Modeling Book Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review October 2015 Title The Art of Lego Scale Modeling
Author Dennis Glaasker, Dennis Bosman Publisher No Starch Press
Published 2015 ISBN 9781593276157
Format 204 pages, hardbound MSRP (USD) $29.95


Years ago, our IPMS club in Albuquerque, New Mexico, would volunteer to judge the scale model entries at the New Mexico State Fair. This was an annual show that was a fun event as we'd get behind-the-scenes access to the exhibit hall before it opened to the public. One year, the fair staff asked if we would judge the Lego models as well. That caused a bit of a stir because several didn't believe that models built from Legos should count as scale models. While that became a fun topic to light-off these folks, we not only judged that event, we judged each year afterwards and were amazed to see what folks could do with Lego bricks. The Lego phenomenon has since expanded to include feature films, music videos, and even amusement parks made using Legos!

Here is an interesting new title hot off the press covering that very subject - scale modeling with Legos. The authors look at a wide range of models that have been produced using the variety of Lego products and provide some insight into the features and techniques used in each subject. There are over 50 different models covered ranging from cars, trucks, and construction equipment to aircraft, ships, tanks, and trains. When you look at some of these works of art, you wonder how they achieve some of the details but this well-illustrated title will actually get your creative juices flowing.

Of course this title wouldn't be much help if it didn't show how to get started. The section on 'How It's Done' talks about design, construction, finding those essential parts, detailing using a variety of materials and techniques, 3D printing for custom parts, storing parts, photography, and even presenting your work.

This isn't an in-depth how-to title since each model is going to be different and we are talking about simply stacking and arranging plastic bricks, but when you see the art of the possible, plus go online and see the wide variety of Lego models already on the market (especially for Star Wars), then you can take your imagination and creativity to places where the IPMS judges fear to tread. Many of the projects covered in this title would be ideal inspiration for building projects with your kids (or at least that is your story and you're sticking to it).

My sincere thanks to No Starch Press for this review sample!