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Lockheed A-12

Lockheed A-12 Book Review

By Rachel E. Veres

Date of Review February 2014 Title Lockheed A-12
Author Paul F. Crickmore Publisher Osprey Publishing
Published 2014 ISBN 9781472801135
Format 64 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $18.95

Book Review

During early Cold War years, gathering photographic intelligence on Soviet Union activity and its allies relied primarily on manned overflight using Lockheed's U-2, nicknamed "Dragon Lady".  Though high-flying and subsonic, U2's were often vulnerable to radar acquisition and SAMs (surface to air missiles).

Subtitled "The CIA's Blackbird and other variants", Osprey's Lockheed A-12 examines the development of U-2's successor – the A-12 – an aircraft incorporating 'stealth' features before the term was even coined.

As in other "Air Vanguard" installments, author Paul Crickmore dedicates the first half to the A-12's design evolution and technical specifications.  Projects, variants and A-12 operational history dominate the remaining half.

Fifty historic photographs (including declassified aerial imagery) balance the author's account. Artwork and 4 color profiles by Adam Tooby provide modeling inspiration.

A bibliography, index and list of Osprey titles neatly complete this publication.

Wholeheartedly recommended.

My sincere thanks to Osprey Publishing for this review sample!