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Operation Barbarossa: The German Invasion of Soviet Russia

Operation Barbarossa: The German Invasion of Soviet Russia Book Review

By Rachel E. Veres

Date of Review October 2013 Title Operation Barbarossa: The German Invasion of Soviet Russia
Author Robert Kirchubel Publisher Osprey Publishing
Published 2013 ISBN 9781782004080
Format 400 pages, hardbound MSRP (USD) $39.95


Subtitled "The German Invasion of Soviet Russia", Osprey's Operation Barbarossa chronicles Nazi Germany's surprise offensive against the USSR in June 1941.

Author Robert Kirchubel consolidates over 90% of Osprey's original Barbarossa trilogy (Campaigns 129, 148 and 186) into a more expansive, but practical tome.  Kirchubel complements previously printed material with current scholarship and additional graphics, maps and photographs.

As in other Osprey "Campaign" books, the first third reads like an Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace (IPB).  Following a chronology and introduction, Kirchubel focuses succeeding sections on opposing forces – from the doctrines to commanders.  Handy tables summarize German and Soviet units and battlefront locations.

Those salivating for details of Operation Barbarossa can sink their teeth into the remaining two-thirds.   Here, the author plucks readers from their home comforts and drops them right into battles' myriad twists and turns.

Artwork and nearly 200 German and Soviet photographs pepper this excellent account.  Various campaign maps help readers envision actions as they progressed.  A conclusion and three useful appendices neatly recap Kirchubel's narrative.  Completing this fine Osprey effort are a glossary, selected bibliography and index.

Anyone interested in further reading can view my August 2012 CYBERMODELLER review of Osprey's Demyansk 1942 – 1943.

My sincere thanks to Osprey Publishing for this review sample!