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Russia’s Wars in Chechnya: 1994-2009

Russia’s Wars in Chechnya: 1994-2009 Book Review

By Rachel E. Veres

Date of Review January 2015 Title Russia’s Wars in Chechnya: 1994-2009
Author Mark Galeotti Publisher Osprey Publishing
Published 2014 ISBN 9781782002772
Format 96 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $20.95


After suffering successive Imperial Russian and Soviet domination, Chechnya unilaterally declared independence in 1994 – triggering a swift plunge into chaos and conflict with Russia.

In Osprey's Russia's Wars in Chechnya: 1994 – 2009 author Mark Galeotti traces the wars' progress, from initial Russian advancement in Grozny to prolonged guerrilla warfare centered in mountainous North Caucasus regions.

After a brief introduction and chronology, subsequent sections trace the origins, history and consequences of these conflicts.

Russian soldiers, for instance, mistakenly underestimated Chechen forces strength and esprit de corps.  Chechens not only knew the terrain, but also the enemy – and most served in the Soviet or Russian military, including the Spetznaz.

Two chapters offer readers portraits of individuals on each side.  The first of 18 year-old Pavel Klementyev, a sergeant thrust into battle shortly after completing training, and "Ruslan Yusupov" (name changed to protect his family still living in Chechnya), a doctor facing threats from Chechen terrorists and Russian forces.

Several useful campaign maps and nearly 60 photographs supplement Galeotti's succinct study.  A selected bibliography and index conclude contents.


My sincere thanks to Osprey Publishing for this review sample!