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US World War II Parachute Infantry Regiments

US World War II Parachute Infantry Regiments Book Brief

By Rachel E. Veres

Date of Review June 2014 Title US World War II Parachute Infantry Regiments
Author Gordon L. Rottman Publisher Osprey Publishing
Published 2014 ISBN 9781780969152
Format 64 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $18.95


Prior to the formation of dedicated "Airborne" divisions in 1942, the US Army maintained individual parachute regiments.  Gordon L. Rottman details concise unit histories and assimilation into divisions in the 198th volume of Osprey's "Elite" series.  Coverage also highlights combat uniforms, insignia and personal equipment.  And Mark Stacey's color plates offer superb references for modelers.  Decidedly recommended!


  • Introduction
  • The Airborne Divisions
  • Evolution of the Parachute Infantry Regiment
  • The Regiments in Combat
  • Other Regiments
  • Field Equipment
  • Further Reading
  • Index

My sincere thanks to Osprey Publishing for this review sample!