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Modelling the M113 Series

Modelling the M113 Series Book Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review April 2005 Title Modelling the M113 Series
Author Graeme Davidson Publisher Osprey Publishing
Published 2005 ISBN 1-84176-822-7
Format 82 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $17.95


Osprey continues to turn out some great modeling resources in their growing line of "Modelling" series. In volume 14, the author builds up some interesting non-US variants of the M113 armored personnel carrier (APC).

After the usual introduction of the author's favorite modeling materials, he starts off with the YPR-765 PRAT as used by the Royal Netherlands Army. The project is a bash together of the Academy M981 FIST-V and AFV Club YPR-765 kits plus some nice scratchbuilding of external stowage. The title is well-illustrated to walk the modeler through the steps and techniques used to achieve the impressive final product.

Modelling the M113 Series

Subsequent chapters execute similar conversions, with subjects including the K263 self-propelled anti-tank gun, M92 PNMK, SIDAM air defense system, and Lynx command and reconnaissance vehicle. Each conversion is nicely photographed step-by-step to render the subject vehicle.

My only complaint with this title is that nowhere is there an M113 build. The title led me to believe that there would be at least one M113 in this series that would be built-up, even an M113A2 from Australia would have been nice. While each of these subjects covered are interesting, none of them are truly part of the M113 series, rather they are derivatives and/or distant cousins.

If you're looking for a title to help you model some Canadian or European variant of the M113, this is definitely worth buying. If you're looking at modeling the US M113 or any of its US Army variants, you'll have to wait.