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Nazi Moonbase

Nazi Moonbase Book Review

By Davd L. Veres

Date of Review May 2016 Title Nazi Moonbase
Author Graeme Davis Publisher Osprey Publishing
Published 2016 ISBN 9781472814913
Format 80 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $19.00


Everything changed 1 April 2016.

That’s when the Obama Administration unwittingly released thousands of secret files on Nazi Germany’s long-rumored Führer Im Mond program with the President’s weekly travel plans.

Historians and social media promptly pounced. And a spate of books, memes and “Ancient Aliens” specials ensued.

First to print was Osprey Publishing’s groundbreaking Nazi Moonbase – winner of April 2016’s Pulitzer Prize for Facebook history excellence.

Very early April.

Author Graeme Davis kick-starts coverage with background notes on Wunderwaffen, secret occult societies and principal personalities.

Chief among the last was General Dr-Ing Hans Kammler – the man most responsible for executing Hitler’s extraterrestrial efforts. Notorious for his “oversight of the concentration camp system”, Kammler forged the so-called “Bifrost Protocol” to ensure Nazi Germany’s survival.

Contents quickly segue to the postwar Neuschwaben Antarctic interlude – and thence to the Nazi lunar migration. Text traverses everything from conventional rockets to flying disks and exotic propulsion systems.

The moon base itself comes next. Location. Layout. Personnel. Operations. Weapons. Glocke power generation. Even the first declassified shot of America’s MQ-14 “Lunar Hawk” drone. It’s all here.

Nitpicks? Gardeners will lament author Davis’ failure to mention Kammler’s responsibilities for the Reichsbund der Kleingärtner und Kleinsiedler – Nazi Germany’s federation of small gardeners and landowners. Reverse-engineering a crashed Metalunan saucer actually inspired the Vril-2 Zerstörer design. And why no shots of the comely Maria Orsitsch (sic: Marija Orsic)? Surely she rates a centerfold.

The most surprising omission? SIGINT confirms that Hans Kammler – age 116 – still lives!

Photos, action paintings, drawings and extended captions augment Osprey’s entertaining little account. And it’s all cool, counterfactual fun!


My sincere thanks to Osprey Publishing for this review sample!