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Modelling the IS Heavy Tank

Modelling the IS Heavy Tank Book Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review July 2004 Title Modelling the IS Heavy Tank
Author Nicola Cortese Publisher Osprey Publishing
Published 2004 ISBN 1-84176-757-3
Format 82 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $17.95


In their ninth installment in their modelling series, Osprey provides another interesting topic - the JS series Stalin tank. The author walks the reader through a variety of subjects that are based on the Stalin chassis, how to modify the kits, adding resin and photo-etched details, and of course, painting and weathering.

Modelling the IS Heavy Tank

The table of contents outlines the variety of subjects covered:

  • Building the ISU-152 in 1/35
  • Building the IS-2 in 1/35
  • Building the IS-3M in 1/35
  • Building the IS-3 in 1/35
  • Building the ISU-152 SP Gun in 1/35
  • Building the IS-2 in 1/76

For those of you who are not well-versed in Soviet armor, you might not associate the IS series with the JS series as the tank family was named after the Soviet Premiere Josef Stalin. Depending on who is translating the Cyrillic scripts, J sometimes shows up as I, and the uninitiated might think the IS and JS series are two different subjects.

The author conveys some extremely nice techniques for armor painting and weathering that make this title worth having whether you are a Soviet armor fan or not. The techniques for pre-shading, weathering, and even the application of mud will make your next armor subject into a masterpiece. Recommended!

My sincere thanks to Motorbooks International for this review sample!