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Small-Scale Armour Modelling

Small-Scale Armour Modelling Book Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review September 2011 Title Small-Scale Armour Modelling
Author Alex Clark Publisher Osprey Publishing
Published 2011 ISBN 978-1-84908-414-7
Format 182 pages, spiralbound MSRP (USD) $39.95


Osprey Publishing has released a number of good 'how-to' modeling guides over the years and while you might think there is some duplication of effort in these titles, look again. The author shows you how to create models that feature the same visual level of detail as their larger scale counterparts.

Coverage of this title includes:

  • Tools and materials
  • General construction techniques
  • Advanced construction techniques
  • Painting and general finishing techniques
  • Painting - advanced finishing techniques
  • Presentation
  • Gallery
  • Further reading and references

The author methodically walks through the various tools and techniques he uses to clean-up, assemble, paint and finish his models and as is typical in an Osprey Masterclass title, the title is very well illustrated with color photographs which clearly show how to accomplish the steps visually to accompany the narrative. While I rarely build in 1/72nd scale these days, I found that this title is very complimentary to the other Masterclass modeling titles in the series. What's more, I've always enjoyed sitting through modeling clinics at modeling conventions and hobby shows as you will usually come away with some new ideas and techniques. So it goes with these modeling references as there are quite a few interesting approaches that this author takes in his modeling that has applications not only to larger scale armor but also aircraft and other subjects.

This is one of the first titles dedicated to 1/72nd scale armor modeling and you have an excellent reference for those who work in this space-saving scale. You'll want to add this to your library (or workbench) and I think you'll find many of the techniques offered here useful in your own modeling.

My sincere thanks to Osprey Publishing for this review sample!