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F-104 Starfighter

F-104 Starfighter Book Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review August 2006 Title F-104 Starfighter
Author Vincenzo Auletta Publisher Periscopio Publications
Published 2005 ISBN 960-8345-54-5
Format 64 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $15.00


Here's a nice first effort from the Greek publisher Periscopio Publications. This monogram covers the F-104 Starfighter as only a modeler can provide. The title is full of color detail shots around the F-104G with notable details from other variants as well.

The narrative is written in English and provides a nice developmental and operational history of the Starfighter. A brief synopsis of each nation's use of the aircraft is also provided.

Richard Caruana and Mihalis Solanakis provide 27 color profiles of the aircraft, including my favorite Starfighter scheme - Mount Olympus.

Coverage of this title includes:

  • History
  • Forward Fuselage
  • Landing Gear
  • Rear Fuselage
  • Wing
  • Armament
  • Operators
  • Scale Plans
  • Seats
  • Starfighter Colors
  • Profiles

If you've been looking for a good full-color walk around of the Starfighter, this is one of the best I've seen. You'll have all the right colors, details and perspectives to tackle the Hasegawa F-104 in any of the scales.

This title is available from Periscopio Publications (