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Book Review

B-52G/H Stratofortress in Action Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review January 2013 Title B-52G/H Stratofortress in Action
Author Kenneth P. Katz Publisher Squadron/Signal Publications
Published 2012 ISBN 978-0897476874
Format 88 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $18.95


Squadron/Signal tackles the last venerable variants of Boeing's behemoth in B-52G/H Stratofortress In Action – latest installment in this classic reference series.

Modelers will love author Kenneth P. Katz's treasure trove.  The amply illustrated text traverses avionics, nuclear weapons, conventional ordinance and decoys.  Subsequent sections segue through "Flying the BUFF" and combat roles in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan.  And coverage concludes with notes on NASA and Air Force Global Strike Command use.

Earlier versions merit mention, too – with "D" variants especially noted in Vietnam "Linebacker" missions coverage.

The BUFF saga goes on and on.  And defense planners expect B-52s to remain in service for decades more.  In fact, Katz concludes, "It is possible that the last B-52H crewmember has not yet been born"!

One last, parenthetical note: a few decades of Semitic language studies, I personally prized the author's proper transliterations of "Al Qaida" and "Taliban".  I rarely see Arabic so correctly conveyed.

Drawings, color profiles, and nearly 200 color and B&W photos spice this sumptuous, 88-page study.  Don't shun Katz's convenient compendium if you have earlier "In Action" coverage of Boeing's legendary BUFF.  Add this useful B-52 reference to your aviation library.


My sincere thanks to Squadron/Signal Publications for this review sample!