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M551 Sheridan Tank Walk Around

M551 Sheridan Tank Walk Around Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review February 2013 Title M551 Sheridan Tank Walk Around
Author Chris Hughes Publisher Squadron/Signal Publications
Published 2012 ISBN 978-0-89747-676-8
Format 80 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $18.95


Both amphibious- and airborne-capable, lithe, lean M551 Sheridans fought in Vietnam, Panama and Iraq.  Air-transportable by C-130s, they served in operational roles until 1996 – and in training capacities until 2003.

Part of its celebrated "Walk Around" series, Squadron/Signal's engaging effort literally details this compact combatant from the ground up.

Modelers will love it.  Over 240 color photos of preserved examples, line drawings and specifications season author Chris Hughes' the lavishly illustrated, 80-page account.

After a brief introduction, contents course through tracks, suspension and hull – including hatch, handle, grill, floatation barrier and tool-storage details.

Text next turns to turret topics – notably the innovative 152mm M81E1 main gun capable of firing MGM51A/B Shillelagh missiles or combustible-case conventional rounds.  Cupola coverage also includes hatches, latches, lights, secondary armament, stowage devices and XM176 grenade launchers.

No proverbial stone remains unturned.  And Hughes finally tours the belly of the beast with interior details – crew and engine compartments.

Nearly 1700 of these fascinating vehicles saw service.  Detailing Academy's 1:35-scale M551?  Make this handy handbook your source for Sheridan modeling minutiae!


My sincere thanks to Squadron/Signal Publications for this review sample!