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The Aviation Historian (No.33)

The Aviation Historian (No.33) Book Review

By David L. Veres

Date of Review April 2021 Title The Aviation Historian (No.33)
Author multiple Publisher Scale Publications
Published 2020 ISBN n/a
Format 130 pages, softbound MSRP (USD) $19.99


The Aviation Historian serves-up a sumptuous subject smorgasbord in the 33rd issue of the respected journal:

  • The Brabazon Committee: A Political History
  • Graypea: USAAF “Chaff”-Dispensing d.H. Mosquitos Over Nazi Germany
  • Ces Hommes Magnifiques: De Chappedelaine
  • A Grand Illusion? Might Britain Have Chosen France’s Dassault Mirage IV After The BAC TSR.2 Cancelation In 1965?
  • The Long Road To Kabul: Soviet Military Aviation Assistance To Afghanistan In The 1920s
  • Italy’s Forgotten Airlines Pt 3: Concluding A Three-Part Series
  • Two Days In February Pt 2: Concluding Coverage Of 1943 Air Battles In Tunisia
  • Björn’s Little Goblin: A Swedish Rarity
  • How The Gould Prize Wasn’t Won: A “Fail-Safe” Aircraft?
  • On The Wings Of The Hansa Pt 1: First In A New Series On Cambodian MiG-17 And Skyraider Pilot Major Su Sampong
  • Wings Over Peru: The Nieuport-Delage 122C1

I especially enjoyed items on the Brabazon Committee, Eighth Air Force Mosquitos, early Soviet assistance to Afghanistan, and Italy’s airlines. But Thomas Withington’s musings on possible British Mirage IVs and Albert Grandolini’s notes on Cambodian Major Su Sampong proved exceptionally informative – and evocative.

Where appropriate, photos, drawings, maps, and extended captions, annotations, and sources augment articles. And editorial commentary, readers’ letters, and book reviews further enhance the effort.

Get copies directly from The Aviation Historian and, in North America, from distributor Kalmbach Publications.

Roundly recommended!

My sincere thanks to The Aviation Historian for this review sample!