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A34 Comet Photo Detail

A34 Comet Photo Detail Book Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review June 2006 Title A34 Comet Photo Detail
Author - Publisher Toadman Tank Pictures
Published 2006 ISBN None
Format CD-ROM, 261 photos, web-based menus MSRP (USD) $7.99



Here is a very nice way to publish reference photos without a bunch of complexity - a menu-driven CD-ROM. Toadman Tank Pictures has released this photo reference for the British A34 Comet just in time for the Bronco Models kit.

The publisher has compiled over 260 photos of this tank using a high-resolution camera. To make navigation easy, the publisher uses a web-based menuing system that allows you to view and read the captions for each photo. What you won't notice is that these photos are in much higher resolution than what you're seeing via the browser.

For example, the photos to the right had to be sized DOWN from their 1500+ pixel wide formal to the 1000 pixel format we use (click one of the three thumbnail images to the right). You can see the photos are crisp, clear, and ready to help you through your Comet project.

This title is recommended for UK armor buffs and armor modelers alike. The computer novices will like the navigation system, the experienced computer users will like the print quality that these high resolution images will offer outside of the menu system.

This title is available directly from the publisher at Toadman's Tank Pictures (

My sincere thanks to Toadman's Tank Pictures for this review sample!